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Annual 5–18 dm Stem generally 1, erect; branches ascending to erect, striate, sparsely scaly Leaves: blade 15–120 mm, ovate to triangular, entire to finely toothed, green, glabrous to sparsely scaly; lower opposite; upper abruptly reduced, petioled Pistillate inflorescence terminal; bracts in fruit 0 or 2, free, 8–18 mm, widely elliptic to ± round, smooth, clearly net-veined, entire Pistillate flower: calyx 3–5-lobed (if bracts 0) or 0 (if bracts 2) Seeds of 2 forms (1–1.5 mm and black if bracts 2 or 2–4 mm and brown if bracts 0) Chromosomes: n=9 Ecology: Open, disturbed places ref http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/get_JM_treatment.pl?3084,3089,3111